Friday, December 18, 2009

Here comes the next heartthrob author for fiction lovers.

Books are your best friends…..Indeed!
The importance of books will never fade from our lives. Indeed, the statement has regained its authenticity with authors like Chetan Bhagat. In a country where the maximum urban population belongs to an age group of 15-30 and where half of their time is spent in travelling, authors like him have become more like saviours with light fictions especially for the youth. I recently confronted another upcoming author, whose first book seems to be quite interesting and his style much like the one of the youth. The attention catching title - Zero Percentile - Missed IIT Kissed Russia, the first by this debut author Neeraj Chhibba has become more like a must read for the Gen Y. The well crafted story makes you wonder as if the protagonaist is just another boy from our community. The exerpts of the book are so realistic that it leaves you with the thought that maybe a part of my life has been encrafted into the script, and this happens specially with readers who in real life missed IIT and how much the youth could connect with the same is the point why they like the book to this extent.Zero Percentile has been a candid treat of reminiscence, and feel of Déjà vu in each of its reveals. All scenes that the author paints incorporated relative circumstances, devoid of bizarre exotics. The disparate backdrops of India and Russia, cordially gifts the sublime identity to the Protagonist, Pankaj a less favored destiny’s child. Besides this being for the first time that readers get a view from top of IIT, from our protagonist who missed it, equally skillful is the corollary of the experiences in Volgograd, which allows the readers to travel along with him without even moving an inch. Zero Percentile is an enigmatic work that intrigues, interests, transcends and travels through all its crests and troughs to touch all of us in some special way.
No wonder a deserving best seller, with a variety of positive points, one of which is the perfect pricing as well.Only thing to be used is that -A must read.
Check out HT City dated 18th December'09 and the author's personal website to read more about the book and the author -

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