Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Now that’s what is called a real 21st century IDEA. Just saying that we belong to the 21st century is not enough; we need to understand what importance does the term 21st century and the computer age mean and what kind of behavior is expected out of the human beings who proudly say that we have reached the height of being technically sound. The current work pattern, the electronic media and its advancement is acknowledged as the lifeline of inter and intra corporate communication for the exchange of information, data, ideas etc. This is the era way ahead of postal addresses, type writer machines and hefty card board files comprising important documents and records locked in huge wooden or steel almirahs of the office under its peon’s, munim’s or clerical custody. In the E age of mails, chat rooms, teleconferences and video conferences, backed by techie bonus like soft copies, files, records, presentations, excel sheets, photo shop and numerous others have made it all as quick as a wink. But what good is it for when we are still so much dependent on PAPER and because of which we are just simply cutting down our lifeline – TREES, that is what have been put together by Lowe Lintas and Mindshare in its beautiful new advertisement of Idea Cellular.
The interesting and creative suggestions for which we can use the mobile phones, is simply majestic and sensational. At least there are some which can be incorporated right from today in our lives.
The Idea ads have always been more creative and close to 1 or other Social issue and that is what makes the brand different from the one of its own category. And ofcourse the inseparable part of idea – Sir jee, I mean Abhisek Bachchan has just created a complete prolific identity for himself.
There is absolutely no hitch in saying that the company completely lives up to its slogan – “An Idea can change your Life”.


Megha Jha